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Grade 1: Module 1: Cycle 2

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Introduced in This Cycle

"t," "a," "p," "n," "c," "h," "s," "m," "r," "v," "g," "th"

High-Frequency Words

"a," "an," "can," "has," "is," "the," "this"

Cycle Word List

In this cycle, students work with short "a," the consonants "t," "p," "n," "h," "c," "s," "m," "r," "v," "g," and the digraph "th" to decode and encode a large quantity of words with two, three and even four (if students are ready) phonemes. The inclusion of "n" and "t" in this cycle allows for the introduction of the final consonant cluster "-nt." In addition, possessive's (for reading only) and plural noun "-s" are introduced.  For the full cycle overview with word list, Cycle-at-a-Glance and teaching notes, download the cycle overview.

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