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How to Order

We believe all schools and districts deserve access to the highest quality curriculum. That's why our Language Arts curricula are open educational resources (OER) and are freely accessible on our website. We also partner with providers who can deliver the curriculum in different formats.

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K-5 Language Arts Curriculum

The following two providers offer materials for our current K-5 curriculum. Contact one or both providers directly to order materials.

Learn Zillion

LearnZillion offers:

  • Print materials for students and teachers
  • Required trade books
  • Recommended texts for independent reading
  • Digital lessons with embedded teacher guidance
  • Digital assessments with reporting capabilities
  • SIS and/or LMS integration
  • Professional development packages, including virtual, open enrollment, and on-site options
Open Up Resources

Open Up Resources offers:

  • Full-color print materials for teachers and students in classroom-ready sets
  • K-2 Skills Block decodable readers
  • Required and recommended trade books in classroom bundles
  • Comprehensive Materials Kits for K-2 Labs
  • Professional learning packages, including virtual, open enrollment, and on-site options
  • National Professional Learning Community built around the curriculum

Our providers offer materials for our current K-5 Language Arts curriculum only. Sales of the 2012 Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum materials were discontinued in June 2018. This content is available on New York State's curriculum website EngageNY. Visit our FAQs for more information.

Looking for professional development to support implementation? Contact us.

6-8 ELA Curriculum

The EL Education-authored Grades 6-8 ELA Curriculum is offered as part of PCG Education's Paths to College and Career and is available through Wiley Publishing. Contact Wiley directly to order materials.

Wiley Publishing

Wiley provides:

  • Black and white print materials
  • Please note that Wiley does not currently offer printed versions of the "B" modules.

EL Education Publications

Books that join practical wisdom with a visionary framework for teaching and learning, rich with models and stories from exemplary K-12 classrooms.

    • Your Curriculum Companion

      This book provides clear, straightforward guidance to help all teachers learn, practice, and master techniques and protocols that build self-discipline, responsibility, engagement, and leadership skills in their students. View the video collection here.

  • Management in the Active Classroom

    This essential guide is one part roadmap to the curriculum, one part orientation to its instructional practices, and one part coach--to answer your questions, relieve your stress, and put you and your students on the road to success.

  • Leaders of Their Own Learning

    This book describes eight key practices that put students in the driver's seat of their own growth. Filled with models from successful schools, it provides a coherent system to move assessment beyond measurement and ranking toward student reflection, understanding and improvement.

  • Transformational Literacy

    This book supports teachers to leverage the Common Core Literacy shifts - embracing more challenging text and evidence-based thinking and writing - to engage students in work that matters.

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