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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Updates to EL Education's Curriculum Websites

  1. Why was the first edition of the Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum sunset?
    We sunset the first edition of the Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum because we have a new enhanced version of the curriculum available.
  2. Where can I access content first edition content?
    We encourage users to transition to our second edition found on For users looking to learn more about the specific enhancements to the second edition Grades 3-5 Language Arts curriculum, please review the second edition enhancement documents (for grades 3-5) on the Tools page.

    For any users who continue to implement the first edition Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum, this content is available on New York State’s curriculum website EngageNY. Please note that the content found on this site does not contain the latest updates. We also no longer offer printed copies of the first edition.

  3. Will I still be able to access Grades 6-8?
    Yes! The Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum and Social Studies modules are available on

  4. I have bookmarked or linked to specific pages on your website. Will I still be able to access the content using these links?
    As of June 2018, we decommissioned Please update any links so that they direct to

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