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Frequently Asked Questions

2019 K-5 Curriculum Content Refresh Updates to EL Education's Curriculum Website

    1. What is changing as part of the 2019 K-5 Curriculum Content Refresh?
      The bulk of the curriculum is the same; the changes consist of small yet meaningful edits like corrected typos and errors and updated images in the decodables, Keyword Letter Cards, and Handwriting Sheets in the K-2 Skills Block.

      The most significant changes can be found in Grade 2 Module 2 Unit 3, which was rewritten to feature a new paleontologist, Dr. Holly Woodward Ballard, and now uses a new anchor text (written by EL Education and included in the supporting materials). The new materials better align student work to CCS standards and allow schools to purchase one fewer text.  

      You can find the current trade book list (updated May 2019) here.

    2. When will the updates be made?
      From May - September, we will refresh K-5 curriculum content on the website (to match the refreshed 2019 printed curriculum). Updates will be released on this website on a rolling basis. To ensure that you are using the most up to date content, please download updated versions of the supporting materials when available. Module Lessons, Labs, ALL Block, and Life Science will be refreshed by mid-July 2019. K-2 Skills Block will be refreshed by the end of August. Please note that all supporting materials will have an updated file name, ending with “19”.

    3. Will the print materials be updated too?
      If you order print materials from our providers Open Up Resources or LearnZillion, they will include the updates as of March 2019. Users of existing print materials from Open Up Resources can identify the refreshed materials because of the word “updated” on the front cover of refreshed booklets. Users do not need to replace existing materials with refreshed copies.
    4. Where did the updates come from?
      Many of them were contributed by educators like you who are using the curriculum. We appreciate feedback and suggestions and invite you to leave us feedback at We typically respond within 24-48 hours.

    5. Why was The Big Dinosaur Dig removed from the trade book list in Grade 2, Module 2? Is there a replacement text?
      We will be revising the Grade 2: Module 2 Module Lessons to improve standards alignment in this section of the curriculum. This change will involve removing references in the Teacher Guide and the Teacher Supporting Materials to the trade book The Big Dinosaur Dig (978-0756655952, DK Publishing, $3.99), which was previously required as a one-per-classroom purchase) but which will no longer be a required trade book for this module.

      To replace the reading and writing work students previously did with The Big Dinosaur Dig, the Curriculum Design Team created a new text by interviewing paleontologist Dr. Holly Woodward Ballard and creating a narrative of one of her discoveries. This narrative is included in the updated Teacher Supporting Materials. 

      No new trade book purchase is required to replace The Big Dinosaur Dig. Schools that have already purchased this text can continue to use it along with the earlier version of the module materials, which will still be available on, or they can switch to the updated version of the module and use The Big Dinosaur Dig as a supplemental rather than a required text.

      An archived version of the unit (2017), including lessons and teacher supporting materials, will be available on our website by July 2019. Until that time, the unit is currently accessible here -

2012 Grades 3-5 ELA Curriculum (First Edition) on 

  1. Where can I find the first edition Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum? I have bookmarked or linked specific pages on
    In June 2018, we decommissioned For any users who continue to implement the first edition Grades 3-5 ELA curriculum, this content is available on New York State’s curriculum website EngageNY. We also no longer offer printed copies of the first edition of grades 3-5. Please update any links so that they direct to

    For users looking to learn more about the specific enhancements to the second edition Grades 3-5 Language Arts curriculum, please review the second edition enhancement documents (for grades 3-5) on the Tools page.

  2. Where can I find the first edition Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum now that has been discontinued?
    The Grades 6-8 ELA Curriculum has been moved to

    For users looking to order print materials of the Grades 6-8 ELA curriculum, please refer to our How to Order page for details.

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