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Our curriculum is built around authentic, worthy texts that give students the opportunity to dig deeply into academic topics that matter and help them make connections between their academic learning and the real world. For your convenience, they are organized by texts that need to be purchased, texts that are included in the module, and texts that are recommended for independent study.

Note: MetaMetrics® made changes to the Lexile® levels in June 2017 in order to provide more accurate measures for early readers. These changes affected 32% of all previously assigned Lexile® levels, including some texts for elementary and middle grade readers. The Lexile® levels listed on EL Education materials were added before this shift and do not reflect updated Lexile® levels.

Text Guide
Please refer to included Trade Book List for procurement guidance.
ELA Texts:

K-5 - Language Arts Curriculum Modules: 2017

6-8 - Language Arts Curriculum Modules (First Edition): 2012

6-8 Language Arts Curriculum Modules (Second Edition): 2020

Science Texts:

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