Grade 1: Module 4: Cycle 21 | EL Education Curriculum

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ELA G1:S4:C21

Grade 1: Module 4: Cycle 21

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Introduced in This Cycle

Vowel teams: "oa," "ai," and "ea"

High-Frequency Words

"good," "only," "very," "would," "should," "eat," "after"

Cycle Word List

In this cycle, students are introduced to another spelling pattern that can represent a long vowel sound: the vowel team syllable type. They examine the teams "oa" (as long o), "ai" (as long a), and "ea" (as long e). Instruction begins with one-syllable words, then moves to the Syllable Sleuth instructional practice with two-syllable words (example: "raincoat"). For the full cycle overview with word list, Cycle-at-a-Glance, and teaching notes, download the cycle overview. 

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