Grade 2: Module 2: Cycle 8 | EL Education Curriculum

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ELA G2:S2:C8

Grade 2: Module 2: Cycle 8

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Introduced in This Cycle

/īld/, /ōld/, /īnd/, /ōst/, and contractions with “is”

High-Frequency Words

“together,” “whole,” “hello,” “weird,” “where’s,” “she’s,” “there’s,” “it’s”

Cycle Word List

In this cycle, students are introduced to the spelling-sound patterns “-ind” (/īnd/), “-ild” (/īld/), “-old” (/ōld/), and “-ost” (/ōst/), and contractions with the word “is” (examples: “it’s”, “she’s”). In addition, they continue to review and practice using their knowledge of known syllable types to decode two-syllable words. For the full cycle overview with word list, Cycle-at-a-Glance, and teaching notes, download the cycle overview

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