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ELA G1:S3:C14

Grade 1: Module 3: Cycle 14

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Introduced in This Cycle

Open syllables with long vowel sounds

High-Frequency Words

"do," "behind," "began," "thank"

Cycle Word List

In this cycle, students are introduced to long vowel sounds via the spelling pattern of an open syllable. The cycle begins with single-syllable words and then moves to two-syllable words by pairing an open syllable with a closed (example: "mo-ment") or with another open syllable (example: "he-ro"). Instructing students on how to use vowels in two-syllable words to identify the syllable type and decode is begun in earnest. This opens up a large number of words that students can access in reading and writing. Inflectional endings to show plural nouns and verb action are continued. For the full cycle overview with word list, Cycle-at-a-Glance, and teaching notes, download the cycle overview.  

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