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Phonemes Introduced in This Cycle


High-Frequency Words

N/A (introductory cycle)

Instructional Practices

A variety of activities introduce and review material and routines during this introductory cycle.

Word List

In Modules 1 and 2, Kindergarteners work with spoken words and sounds as they learn the primary sound for each consonant and short vowel. The following lists provide examples of spoken words that contain sounds taught in this cycle, found in the initial or final position of the word. The last five are spoken words with two and three phonemes. Students who are able to segment individual sounds within written and spoken VC (vowel, consonant) and CVC (consonant,  vowel, consonant) words can use words from this list (or similar). Note that this list may contain some sounds that have not yet been introduced.


Engagement Text and Decodable Readers

The text listed below can be utilized to reinforce the skills taught in the cycle.  Teachers can use the text to have students apply their learning during small group work or teacher-led groups.  By focusing on the skills/patterns being taught, students can apply their learning to text.  A list of activities to consider with the text are listed in the activity section. 

Poem: "Alligator and The Tern"
Alligator went to the animal zoo
He met a tiny tern and asked,
"How are you?"
"Terrific!" said the tiny tern.
"More than okay!"
"Cause now it is time to play all day!"
So they played a fun game.
Would you like to do the same?
You have to look for "a" or "t" in more than just your name!

Engagement Text: "The Search for Names" Parts 1, 2, and 3

Part 1: To be read in Lesson 1

When the world began, every star sent a beam down to Earth. Each star beam carried a secret and planted it wherever it landed. On every rock, tree, and animal. Every river, lake, and ocean. Every breeze and wind. Every place where the light shined, and every place where the darkness concealed it.

Jeffi was the oldest, wisest, and kindest man in the village. He lived in the hollowed-out center of the giant tree in the center of the village. The tree was called the "Naming Tree." One night, he was watching the silver moon rise, and the moon called him out to the field: "Spend the night in the field, Jeffi, and I will show you the secrets of the stars."

So Jeffi lay down in the field, and the moon put him into a deep sleep. While he was sleeping, the stars all shined their secrets into his heart and mind.

When he woke in the morning, he thought he had the most wonderful dream and ran back to his tree to draw all the wonderful things he saw while he slept. He put the drawings in a large leather case. He couldn't wait to go out and find the secret the stars had planted in all the things of the world. He thought he would begin with the animals.

Part 2: To be read in Lesson 2

Jeffi set out on his great hunting adventure, but as soon as he left the Naming Tree, the selfish wizard Allmine put a spell on Jeffi, and his legs wobbled beneath him, and he was unable to walk. Allmine said, "Jeffi, I want to find the secrets of the stars so that I can have power over all the Earth. Tell me your dream and I will give you back the strength of your legs." But Jeffi refused to tell him. Allmine went away in a huff but promised to be back. "When you are ready to walk again, call for me and I will lift the spell. I am the only one who is special; only my specialty can free you from this spell." Jeffi crawled back to his home in the Naming Tree, so sad he would not be able to go out and discover all the secrets the stars had planted in all the things on Earth.

Now, in that village were two children, Anak and Watota. They had no parents and nowhere to live. They slept in a cave in the forest, eating berries and plants they could find in the woods. One night, it was so clear that you could see thousands of stars in the dark night sky. Watota said, "Anak, let's sleep in the field tonight and count the stars." So they lay down and began counting, but even before they got to 100, they fell fast asleep. While they slept, the Morning Star gave Anak a dream, and the Evening Star gave a dream to Watota.

Part 3: To be read in Lesson 3

When the children woke up, Anak said to Watota, "I had an amazing dream last night."

"I did too!" said Watota. "What was yours about?" "I dreamed there was a man who lived in a tree."

"Amazing! He was in my dream, too. And we are supposed to go meet him."

So Anak and Watota went to find the man who lived in a tree.  They knocked on the door in the trunk, and it creaked open. Jeffi was sitting on the floor by a large leather case. Jeffi invited them in, and the children explained their dreams and how they came to visit.

"Children, maybe you can help me. I need to go out and find the secrets the stars have planted in all the things of the world, but my legs don't work. Perhaps you can go out and find them for me.

"Yes, we would be happy to go."

"We should start with the animals," suggested Jeffi. "Go out to the world, and when you find an animal, come back and tell me about it, and I will show you the secret that the stars hid inside it."

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