Grades 6–8 (2012) has retired from Curriculum.ELEducation.Org | EL Education Curriculum

Grades 6–8 (2012) has retired from Curriculum.ELEducation.Org

Originally designed and developed with a team of teachers in 2012, the national interest in our Grades 6-8 Language Arts curriculum was and continues to be inspiring. We have developed a second edition of Grades 6-8, which builds on learning from the first edition curriculum we authored for EngageNY, and is the result of deep collaboration with teachers, students, and literacy experts.

Where can I find the first edition Grades 6-8 (2012) ELA curriculum?

Grades 6-8 First Edition (2012) has now been retired from Curriculum.Eleducation.Org. Users who have not yet transitioned to Grades 6-8 second edition (2019) can access the first edition materials via EngageNY

How Can I Order Materials?

The EL Education-authored Grades 6-8 ELA Curriculum (2012) will continue to be offered as part of PCG Education's Paths to College and Career, available through Wiley Publishing. Wiley offers black and white print materials only.

You can find contact information on our How to Order page. 

Where can I find more information regarding Grades 6-8 ELA second edition (2019)?

The EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum is a comprehensive, standards-based literacy program that engages teachers and students through compelling, real-world content. You can read more on our K-8 Curriculum Overview page and read specific details on second edition enhancements here.

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