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Researching to Build Knowledge and Teach Others: Biodiversity in the Rainforest

Each module is approximately 6-8 weeks of instruction broken into 3 units. The "week at a glance" chart in the curriculum map gives the big picture, breaking down the module into a detailed week-by-week view. It shows how the module unfolds, the focus of each week of instruction, and where the six assessments and the performance task occur.

Week 1-3 Unit 1: Building Background Knowledge: Why Scientists Study the Rainforest

Instructional FocusCCS StandardsAssessments
  • Building background through close reading: biodiversity in the rainforest and rainforest destruction
  • Identifying and comparing text structures
  • Writing summaries
  • Building background knowledge through web research: what we can do to help the rainforest
  • Preparing for and participating in a Science Talk
  • RI.5.1, RI.5.2, RI.5.4, RI.5.5, RI.5.7, RI.5.10, W.5.2, W.5.2a, W.5.7, W.5.8, W.5.9, W.5.9b, SL.5.1, SL.5.1a, SL.5.1b, SL.5.1c, SL.5.1d, L.5.4, L.5.4a, L.5.4b, L.5.4c
  • Mid-Unit 1 Assessment: Reading and Analyzing Informational Texts (RI.5.2, RI.5.5 and RI.5.10)
  • End of Unit 1 Assessment: Web Research and Text-Based Discussion (RI.5.1, RI.5.7, RI.5.10, W.5.7, W.5.8, and SL.5.1a-d)

Weeks 4-5 Unit 2: Using Writing to Inform

Instructional FocusCCS StandardsAssessments
  • Reading and analyzing literary texts, focusing on how point of view influences how the events in the text are described
  • Reading and analyzing literary texts, focusing on how descriptive language helps a reader to understand the text
  • Analyzing the use of concrete and sensory language in The Most Beautiful Roof in the World
  • Writing a literary analysis essay
  • Reading aloud excerpts of The Most Beautiful Roof in the World
  • RL.5.1, RL.5.4, RL.5.6, RL.5.9, RL.5.10, RI.5.10, RF.5.3, RF.5.4, RF.5.4a, RF.5.4c, W.5.2, W.5.2a, W.5.2b, W.5.2c, W.5.2d, W.5.2e, W.5.9, W.5.9a, W.5.10, SL.5.1, SL.5.1b, L.5.1, L.5.2, L.5.2d, L.5.4, L.5.4b, L.5.4c, L.5.5, L.5.5a, L.5.5b
  • Mid-Unit 2 Assessment: Reading and Analyzing Literary Texts (RL.5.4, RL.5.6, RL.5.9, RL.5.10, L.5.2d, and L.5.5)
  • End of Unit 2 Assessment: Informative Essay: Literary Analysis of Concrete Language and Sensory Detail in The Most Beautiful Roof in the World (RL.5.1, RF.5.3, RF.5.4, W.5.2, W.5.9, and W.5.10)

Weeks 6-8 Unit 3: Using Writing to Entertain

Instructional FocusCCS StandardsAssessments
  • Planning and drafting a first person narrative in pairs
  • Revising partner narrative with a focus on pacing
  • RL.5.4, RL.5.6, W.5.2, W.5.2a, W.5.2b, W.5.3, W.5.3a, W.5.3b, W.5.3c, W.5.3d, W.5.3e, W.5.4, W.5.5, W.5.6, W.5.10, L.5.1, L.5.1a, L.5.2, L.5.2b, L.5.3, L.5.3a
  • Mid-Unit 3 Assessment: Narrative Writing: First-Person Story Based on The Most Beautiful Roof in the World (W.5.3, W.5.3a, W.5.3e, W.5.4, and W.5.10)
  • End of Unit 3 Assessment: Revising a First Person Narrative (W.5.3b, W.5.3c, W.5.3d, W.5.5, L.5.1a, and L.5.3a)
  • Performance Task: Rainforest Adventures Ebook (W.5.3, W.5.4, and W.5.6)

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