Recommendations for Curriculum Implementation: 2021-22 | EL Education Curriculum

Recommendations for Curriculum Implementation: 2021-22

Last Updated: September 23rd, 2021

The following recommendations were developed for the implementation of the EL Education Grades K-8 Language Arts Curriculum for the 2021-22 school year.

This guidance will support students whether they are experiencing remote learning, a hybrid approach, or are full-time in the classroom.

Guiding Principles for Recommendations

  • Prioritizing access to high-quality, grade-level texts. The EL Education curriculum is designed to engage students in reading, thinking, talking, and writing about engaging grade level texts on meaningful topics, and this remains a core design principle when designing for the remote or hybrid learning environment. 
  • Placing the teacher at the center of the educational experience for students. Students may have been disconnected from the school community due to school closures and remote learning. Placing the teacher at the center of the educational experience will help reconnect students to the school and the school community.
  • Prioritizing small group differentiation to accelerate learning and address specific student needs. 
  • Offering flexibility to step between remote learning and classroom-based curriculum instruction to support as many potential schedules, and eventualities, as possible.

Grade Level Recommendations and Rationale

Virtual Instruction Guidance

Welcome to EL Education's Virtual Instruction Guidance! In our development of the Flex Curriculum for the 2020-21 school year, clear patterns of instruction emerged within our curriculum that needed specific guidance for accomplishing in a virtual environment.

While exploring this guidance is not required to successfully implement the EL Education K-8 Curriculum, we highly recommend it as this represents the distilled guidance of EL Education for using our curriculum in a virtual classroom environment. These general principles represent our approach to Virtual Instruction for the various components of the EL Education Literacy Curriculum. 

View Virtual Instruction Guidance

View Virtual Instruction Guidance - Classroom Protocols

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