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NOTE: The Flex Curriculum will retire and be removed from our website on August 1st, 2021. Please see our FAQs for more information.

The following recommendations were developed for the implementation of the EL Education Grades K-8 Language Arts Curriculum for the 2020-2021 school year and are being incorporated into remote learning resources for the curriculum created by EL Education.

These resources, adaptations of the existing curriculum, will support students whether they are experiencing remote learning, a hybrid approach, or are full-time in the classroom.


For an overview to assist you in navigating the Flex Curriculum on our website and in Google Drive, take a few minutes to watch our short screencasts: 

Part 1  Navigation to Flex Curriculum materials on Curriculum.ELeducation.org.

Part 2 Navigating Flex K-2 Module Lessons materials in Google Drive.

Part 3 Navigating Flex K-2 Skills Block materials in Google Drive.

Part 4 Navigating Flex 3-8 Module Lessons materials in Google Drive.

To explore our curriculum in its entirely, see the curriculum overview here: K-8 Curriculum Overview

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General K-8

  1. Review Recommendations and Guiding Principles for 2020-21
  2. Review Module Selection for 2020-21 against the Curriculum Map, notice standards only taught and assessed in the omitted module
  3. Use Standards Crosswalk to identify where potential standards gaps will be addressed
  4. Review module and unit/cycle overviews from original curriculum content.

Access Materials

Use the table and buttons below to access materials for the EL Education Flex Curriculum: 2020-21

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PLEASE NOTE: All materials are view-only. You may make an editable copy or directly download for your use in classrooms. There is no need to request edit access to use these materials.

Grades K-2: Flex Your Skills Videos

Flex Your Skills are 26 standalone videos for students that teach or review instructional practices used in K-2 Skills Block, including Count It Out, Rhyme Time, Feel the Beats, Letter Sound Chant, Articulatory Gestures, Interactive Writing, and others.

Grades 3-8 (Second Edition)

Grade 3 Module Lessons

Grade 4 Module Lessons

Grade 5 Module Lessons

Grade 6 (Second Edition 2019)


Grade 7 (Second Edition 2019)

Grade 8 (Second Edition 2019)

Please Note: We developed Lesson Planner Tools as a guide for adapting the modules selected for the Flex Curriculum: 2020-21 to support a blend of synchronous and asynchronous instruction. We will not be developing student materials for Grades 6-8 (First Edition 2012).

See Module Selection and Rationale for more information on what modules will not be included in the Flex Curriculum.

Grades 6-8 (First Edition 2012)

Grade 6 (First Edition 2012)


Grade 7 (First Edition 2012)


Grade 8 (First Edition 2012)

  • Module 1
  • Module 2B
  • Module 3A omitted from Flex Curriculum
  • Module 3B omitted from Flex Curriculum


Virtual Instruction Guidance EL Education Flex Curriculum: 2020-21

Welcome to EL Education's Virtual Instruction Guidance. In our development of the EL Education Flex Curriculum: 2020-21, clear patterns of instruction emerged that needed specific guidance for effective implementation in a virtual environment.

The principles that follow represent our approach to virtual instruction for the various components of the EL Education K-8 Language Arts Curriculum. 

(c) 2016-2020 EL Education. Except where otherwise noted, the EL Education Flex Curriculum 2020-21 is published under a public license. To view a copy of this license, visit [https://curriculum.eleducation.org/content/flex-curriculum-public-license]. 

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