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Curriculum Materials and Trade Books for our new K-5 Language Arts Curriculum

We understand that districts and schools seek support with effective implementation of a new curriculum. Below you’ll find information on ordering books, printed curriculum materials and more.

For support implementing the curriculum in your district or school, we can provide more information about our professional development offerings.

Trade Books

Our curriculum is built around authentic, worthy texts that excite learners. Additional trade books are required for the curriculum, and we have also curated a list of excellent, topical books for independent reading, which many schools opt to purchase.

Our partner, Open Up Resources, provides all of the books on the Trade Book List at competitively discounted prices. Books come kitted with curriculum by module, by grade, and by classroom for each teacher.

Supplemental Materials for K-2 Labs and 3-5 Life Science Modules

Our curriculum encourages students to explore and provides opportunities for hands-on learning experiences. For complete lists of materials for the K-2 Labs or 3-5 Life Science Modules, please refer to our Tools.

Printed Curriculum Materials

We offer low-cost, high-quality, full-color print student consumables and teacher’s editions. They are provided as conveniently bundled kits with teacher guides and student workbooks for each classroom.

For information about ordering trade books and curriculum materials, contact Open Up Resources.

Digital Curriculum Materials

We meet districts where they are on the digital continuum, supporting use of the materials via common LMS platforms and online platforms. A version of the materials will be available as a Microsoft OneNote integration in 2018.

For information about about digital curriculum materials, contact Open Up Resources.

For information about how to order materials for the original Grades 3-8 ELA curriculum, please visit our First Edition website.

Get updates about our new K-5 curriculum as new materials and tools debut.

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