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EL Education K-3 Summer Skills

Last Updated: May 30th, 2023

This guidance has been designed to support schools and districts currently implementing the EL Education Language Arts curriculum so they can effectively utilize Reading Foundational Skills curriculum resources during summer school programs or through tutoring. The resources provided are ideal for students who have just completed grades K-3 and would benefit from additional instruction on Reading Foundational Skills prior to beginning their next grade level.


K-3 Summer Skills

To close learning opportunity gaps and to prepare students for the upcoming academic year, many schools and districts are implementing summer programs with a specific focus on language arts. In support of this need, EL Education has developed a K-3 Summer Skills program to accelerate reading foundational skills, offering students a chance to practice their literacy skills mixed in with purposeful play, storytelling, and creative expression. This program is designed for primary students and based on EL Education's comprehensive Language Arts Curriculum. The K-3 Summer Skills materials will be available for free on our Curriculum Website.

View a recording of the 90-minute WePD session to learn how to support K-3 students as they accelerate learning in foundational reading skills using the newly created EL Education K-3 Summer Skills program:

WePD K-3 Summer Skills Recording

Use the table and buttons below to access K-3 Skills Summer materials by grade and week.

PLEASE NOTE: All materials are view-only. You may make an editable copy or directly download for your use in classrooms. Please do not request edit access to use these public materials.

K-3 Summer Skills Overview     Grades K-3 Guidance Documents 

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