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Remote Learning Support: Preparing to Teach

The EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum is designed to be delivered in a traditional face-to-face classroom setting. The following is a guide on how to translate the essentials of the module lessons to remote learning.

Please check with your schools and/or district to see what is available for your use. Some schools/districts have concerns about Zoom which you can read here. This guide offers technical assistance in getting started in and securing Zoom for classroom use. Other platforms for virtual learning include Google for Education and Canvas

Want to learn more about the EL Education Language Arts curriculum? Our online Professional Learning courses are available until June 1.

Questions to Ask as a Teacher/Instructional Leader About...

Step-by-Step Planning for Virtual Instruction

If you are looking to design your own activities, we have created a guide to modifying the existing EL Education K-8 Language Arts module lessons to deliver in a virtual learning format and provides a template based on the Read-Think-Talk-Write cycle


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