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Remote Learning Support: for Families

As more schools are closing to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our thoughts turn to the disruption in learning for students, and therefore to the ways we can support families and caregivers in supporting students to remain engaged in meaningful learning outside of the classroom.

As a reminder, please preview web pages and online resources before sharing with students to determine which content is appropriate for the age of the student, and in line with family values and preferences.

Remote learning reading guides can be accessed on our Remote Learning Support page.

Support EL Education's K-8 Language Arts Curriculum

At this point in the year, most users of the EL Education Grades K-8 Language Arts curriculum will be working on Module 3. Families and caregivers may find the following suggestions useful in building student background knowledge related to the specific topics of study, by grade level.

General Resources for Remote Learning

Free book read aloud channels/sites:

Other online resources: 

  • Kids Discover Online: Resources on this site connect to a lot of the EL Education curriculum topics. You have to sign up, but you get a 30-day free trial.
  • Teach Engineering by CU Boulder: Select 'Activities' to find a list of science and engineering-related activities and projects for students
  • PBS Learning Media: Interactive lessons by grade level and subject
  • BrainPOP: Educational videos and interactive games and quizzes on a number of topics (offering free access to the full BrainPOP suite during school closures
  • Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions: A webpage, updated frequently, listing free online learning subscriptions 
  • Online research of module topics to build background knowledge. Encourage students to identify a specific question they would like to answer through their research, and then to gather evidence and take notes from multiple sources to answer the question. 
  • Practice performing poems and stories 
  • Interview a family member or friend
  • Create an eBook using Book Creator
  • Read a book and then watch the movie adaptation, and compare and contrast how the two are the same and different thinking about choices the film director made for dramatic effect

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