EL Education developed the Apple a Day series in collaboration with Detroit Public Schools Community District, in response to the varied needs of students, families, schools, and districts across the nation.  Lessons can be printed for student use at home, or facilitated by a teacher in a virtual classroom.  Click the Google Drive link below to access these lessons to download or copy.

EL Education Apple a Day Series - Weeks 1-10 available now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is EL Education's Apple a Day? 

Apple a Day is a 10-week series of daily remote learning lessons for English language arts. The texts used in the lessons can be accessed online, via Newsela (see below for more information), and lessons can be printed for student use at home, or facilitated by a teacher in a virtual classroom. 

Please note these lessons are not related to the EL Education Language Arts curriculum and are not a substitute for the EL Education curriculum or any rigorous, comprehensive curriculum.

2. What are the features of EL Education's Apple A Day Lessons?

  • Designed with alignment to module topics in Module 4 of the EL Education Language Arts Curriculum for grades:
    • 3-5 (Second Edition) 
    • 6-8 (First Edition)
  • Include 10 weeks of instruction, 5 lessons per week
  • Follow EL Education's Read-Think-Talk-Write cycle and empower students to own, reflect on, and share their learning.
  • Build students' knowledge through rich content in high quality, grade-level texts made accessible by Newsela
  • Students should engage with these lessons beginning with Week 1.
  • The 10th week of instruction prompts students to create a high-quality product to share with family, caregivers, friends, and even with their school, district, or the EL Education online community.

      Interested in resources for Grades K-2?

      • Click here to access EL Education's Learn to Read, Read to Learn remote resources for foundational skills, and content-based literacy learning in grades K-2.
      • Visit the Detroit Public Schools Community District website to access district-created K-2 lessons and videos based on the EL Education K-2 Skills Block. 

      3. Can these be used at home by families/caregivers?

      Yes! These lessons were designed for remote learning and can be facilitated remotely by a classroom teacher, or used at home with the support of family members or caregivers. For example, students may benefit from hearing the lesson instructions or weekly text read aloud by a family member or caregiver. Students may also use the lessons independently.  

      4. Where can users access materials? 

      Materials are available via Google Drive [available for copy or download] using the link provided above. These materials include embedded links to Newsela texts which require a Newsela account login.

      5. How do I access the Newsela texts? How do I set up a Newsela account?

      You can create an account on Newsela's website for access. Newsela will be offering free access to their online library through the end of the 2019-2020 school year. Free account access is available to individual users (teachers or families/caregivers) or district-wide by an administrator's request. 

      You can learn more about Newsela here.  If you have technical questions about the Newsela site and accessing texts, please reach out to their support team here.



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