Welcome to our new and improved curriculum! | EL Education Curriculum


Welcome to our new and improved curriculum!

Our new site is here!

All of our most current curricula and supporting resources is here at curriculum.eleducation.org.

New curricula are available!

We've published a new K-2 Language Arts curriculum and the second edition of the 3-5 Language Arts curriculum. Check out the "Second Edition Enhancements" on
our Tools page.

Check out the FAQ

We've answered questions about the new site to help you navigate the transition.

Looking for the first edition of 3-5?

We no longer offer this version but you can still access it on EngageNYCommonCoreSuccess.ELeducation.org was decommissioned in June 2018.


Looking for 6-8?

Our 6-8 ELA curriculum is available on this site. To purchase materials, go to our How To Order page.

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