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Results and Reviews

Rigorous research and ratings show that the EL Education K-8 Language Arts curriculum, when combined with professional development, works to transform student achievement. Explore the results and ratings from external reviewers below, or dig deeper into case studies and testimonials from diverse schools and districts across the country.

Research Studies

EL Education is committed to learning from research by investigating the impact of our curriculum. We partner with well respected external evaluators on research projects with rigorous study designs. Studies show how combining our curriculum with deeply skilled professional development for teachers and leaders results in remarkable student achievement gains.

Teacher Potential Project

This five-year, federally funded study overseen by Mathematica Policy Research finds significant positive impact on both teacher practice and student achievement when schools combine our curriculum and professional development. The study included over 12,000 students from 70 schools and 18 districts across the US; 71% of students were economically disadvantaged. Learn more.


WestEd K-2 Evaluation

WestED conducted a study showing dramatic achievement gains for K-2 students in Shelby County schools implementing our curriculum modules and the skills block. Learn more.

MAP Reading Percentiles for Treatment Group and National Comparison Group

Case Studies

Data snapshots of schools we've worked with tell a compelling story of growth in teacher competence and student performance. Partnering with EL Education gets results for schools and districts:

  • Students become engaged readers of complex text
  • English Language Learners succeed
  • Students eligible for free or reduced-priced meals make huge gains
  • Students become motivated to produce high-quality work

Read more about our case studies

Accelerating Equity

Literacy Partners from across the country see dramatic gains for students in historically underserved subgroups, and find that students in those populations outperform their state and district peers.

Economically Disadvantaged Student Proficiency (% Proficient)



  • Detroit Public Schools Community District, Detroit, MI - Only two years into a five-year plan featuring our curriculum and PD, students' 2019 ELA test scores showed the greatest single-year improvement on state tests in the history of the exam. Students improved over 2018 results across all grade-levels. Learn more.
  • Ida Jew Academies, San Jose, CA - We provided intensive coaching for novice teachers and a curriculum designed for equity. Literacy scores for English Language Learners and economically disadvantaged students soared. Learn more.

  • Scintilla Charter Academy, Valdosta, GA - Our model for engaged, purposeful learning, and our language arts curriculum helped this charter school elementary outpace the reading achievement of peers in its district and state. Learn more.

Discover more case studies from our partners here.

Ratings & Reviews Our curriculum received's highest reviews. "Modules are developed to support and build knowledge, to intentionally address academic vocabulary, and to scaffold support so that students will independently demonstrate grade-level proficiency at the end of the school year."



EQuIP: Educators Evaluating the Quality of Instructional Products has given its highest "Exemplar" rating to our curriculum units.

New York: New York State commissioned EL Education to create the curriculum and the New York City Department of Education has said it is among "the highest-quality Common Core-aligned curriculum materials currently available."

Connecticut: The Connecticut State Board of Education has reviewed more than 10 of our curriculum units, giving them its highest "exemplary" rating. The reviewers noted the curriculum "makes reading texts closely, examining textual evidence, and discerning deep meaning, a central focus of instruction and includes a progression of academic vocabulary instruction where skills advance and deepen over time."

Washington: The Digital Learning Department of the Washington Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction recommended several of our modules, noting they are "tightly aligned with standards and clearly addressed shifts throughout. Content is engaging and compelling, which helps middle school students grapple with complex texts. Work encourages meaningful, collegial discourse."

North Carolina, Wake County Public School System: The Wake County Public School System, the 15th largest district in the nation, selected EL Education's Language Arts Curriculum for a three-year adoption that will begin with Grades 3 and 6 in the 2017-18 school year. 


Hear from teachers, leaders, and even kindergarteners from diverse schools across the country who are experiencing remarkable results with the EL Education curriculum.

“Hollis is transforming through the use of EL Education. You can see all the growth at the same time: through the community, the growth of students and their data, through the teachers and their learning EL, so it’s a whole continuum of growth.” - Adella Dixon, 1st grade teacher, Hollis Innovation Academy

Inspiring Student Achievement in 3 Dimensions-- Case Study: Hollis Innovation Academy from EL Education on Vimeo.

"The conversations about habits of character have really impacted students. They focus more on their own learning that on 'getting it done.'  Students work from the idea that although this is good, I can make it better and better. As they become more adept at giving and receiving feedback, they can become more critical of the feedback itself. They also become able to self-assess, which is a critical component of being college- and career-ready." - Tammi Bauschka, Literacy Program Specialist, Tucson, Arizona

"Our teachers who have seen the most growth are the ones who were willing to fully and completely dive into the Skills Block. They had to have an open mind, be willing to try something new, and be ready to put some things that may have worked okay in the past behind them. Their classes have soared." - Sarah Mitchell, Instructional Coach, Greenville, South Carolina

Kids Love Skills Block from EL Education on Vimeo.

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