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ELA 2012 G6:M4:U3:L10

Performance Task: Hosted Gallery Walk of Scientific Posters

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Long Term Learning Targets

  • I can produce clear and coherent writing that is appropriate to task, purpose, and audience. (W.6.4)
  • I can accurately use sixth-grade academic vocabulary to express my ideas. (L.6.6)

Supporting Targets

  • I can use a scientific poster to share my research with my peers. 

Ongoing Assessment

  • Scientific posters


AgendaTeaching Notes

1.  Opening

     A.  Unpacking the Learning Target (2 minutes)

     B.  Preparing for Hosted Gallery Walk (5 minutes)

2.  Work Time

     A.  Hosted Gallery Walk: Sharing Our Scientific Posters (35 minutes)

3.  Closing and Assessment

     A.  One-Word Whip-around (3 minutes)

4.  Homework

     A.  Keep reading your independent reading book.

  • Today is a celebration of all the hard work students have put into their research, their position papers, and their scientific posters.
  • Ahead of time, divide your students into two groups. One group will "host" their scientific posters while the other students walk around the "gallery" providing positive feedback. Then they will switch so all students have the opportunity to both host and observe the work of their peers.
  • Before students arrive, hang their scientific posters around the room. Consider hanging the posters of students who are not presenting at the same time next to one another. This will allow for students who are presenting to be staggered around the room.
  • Post: Learning targets.


  • Sticky notes (10-15 per student)
  • Scientific poster (one per student)



A. Unpacking the Learning Target (2 minutes)

  • Read aloud as students read along the learning target:

* "I can use a scientific poster to share my research with my peers."

  • Ask students to turn and talk about what they are most curious to hear about from their peers' poster presentations.

B. Preparing for Hosted Gallery Walk (5 minutes)

  • Tell students that today they will be "hosts" and "travelers" in a hosted Gallery Walk. Cold call a student to respond to the question:

* "What does it mean to be a host?"

  • Listen for: "It means to have guests at your home or in your class."
  • Tell students that today they will be hosting traveling groups of students at their scientific posters. It will be their job as hosts to tell the travelers their claim, explain some of the evidence that brought them to this claim, and then walk them through the components of their scientific posters, including the charts, diagrams, or illustrations.

Work Time

Work Time

A. Hosted Gallery Walk: Sharing Our Scientific Posters (35 minutes)

  • Distribute sticky notes to each student. Explain that students will use the sticky notes to give positive feedback on one another's scientific posters; the sticky notes are to be placed on the wall near the poster that the feedback is focused on. Remind students that the Gallery Walk is meant to celebrate all the hard work that they've done. Emphasize the importance of giving feedback based on the criteria that students used to create their posters.
  • Ask the students who will be "hosting" first to stand next to their scientific posters. Remind these students to use clear voices and make eye contact as they present the contents of their posters.
  • Consider dividing those students who are observing into small groups. This will reduce the number of times the presenting students must present.
  • Remind the students who are "traveling" that when they are at a poster, they should be listening respectfully and considering what positive feedback they will give the presenter. Also remind those students who are "traveling" that they should walk around the room until they have seen the presentations of all their peer's posters.
  • Give students the next 17 to 18 minutes to complete the first round of the hosted Gallery Walk.
  • After 17 to 18 minutes, reconvene the whole group. Affirm the positive behaviors you observed during this first half of the Gallery Walk and give any feedback on what behaviors you would like improvement on in the second half.
  • Ask the students who were "traveling" to report to their scientific posters.
  • Those students who were presenting will now travel around the room individually or in small groups, looking at posters, hearing presentations, and giving positive feedback using their sticky notes.
  • Give students the next 17 or 18 minutes to complete the second round of the hosted Gallery Walk. 

Closing & Assessments


A. One-Word Whip-around (3 minutes)

  • Refocus the whole class. Invite students to return to their seats with their posters and the feedback they received on sticky notes, and read over the feedback for 1 minute.
  • Ask students to think of one word that represents some aspect of all the work they and their classmates have done during Unit 3.
  • Call on one student to start and then go around the room having each student share one word. Feel free to add a word yourself.
  • Celebrate! 


  • Keep reading your independent reading book.

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