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All About ALL Block

About 3-5 Additional Language and Literacy (ALL) Block

Our Grades 3-5 curriculum honors students' growing capacities to read complex text, write at length and with depth, and explore pressing issues in the world around them. The curriculum comprises two hours of rich content-based literacy instruction per day. The ALL Block is one hour long and is complementary to module lessons. These two hours of content-based literacy instruction work together to accelerate the achievement of all students.

Implementing the 3-5 Additional Language and Literacy (ALL) Block from EL Education on Vimeo.

Why ALL Block?

The ALL Block is an important component of the 3-5 curriculum because it supports and extends student learning from the module lessons. The block is designed to help teachers ensure that all students have extra practice and support with these five components of literacy: 

  • Independent Reading
  • Additional Work with Complex Text
  • Reading and Speaking Fluency/GUM (grammar, usage, mechanics)
  • Writing Practice
  • Word Study and Vocabulary

Each component is embedded in the module lessons while students authentically investigate the module topic, and then is explicitly reinforced and practiced in the ALL Block.  Over the course of successive two-week blocks, students work with all five components.


  • The ALL Block has three units, parallel to the three units of the module.  
  • Each module unit is accompanied by two weeks of ALL Block instruction (with one flex day built in every week). 
  • Flex time in the ALL Block schedule can be used to meet the specific needs of students. Teachers might want to:
    • Provide additional time for work started in module lessons
    • Practice literacy skills introduced there that students are finding particularly challenging
    • Informally assess reading foundational skills
    • Offer additional time for ELLs

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